YSWN Amplify

Here are some linked pages that you can read to know more about Yorkshire Sound Women Network’s Amplify program, and our SONA: Landmass project that is funded through this scheme:

  • Amplify project boosts YSWN’s network (29 May 2019)
    Excerpt: “Three unique artistic projects are currently spreading the reach of YSWN-affiliated groups across Yorkshire – and even further afield.”
  • SONA: Landmass (10 June 2019)
    Excerpt: “One of our core members Amy moved to Orkney at the end of 2018 – which presented a 500-mile challenge to our ability to work collaboratively! During the course of this project we will develop a new sound art installation alongside creating a framework for remote collaboration on audiovisual projects.”
  • Remote listening: SONA bridge distance with LANDMASS (28 April 2020)
    Excerpt: “What we didn’t realise was that remote working was about to become even more important than ever with the global coronavirus pandemic.”
Amy Beeston