Vulnerability in creativity

Jlin workshop at CAMP-FR
Vulnerability in creativity
Workshop with Jlin
22 Aug – 19 Sep 3 Oct 2021

I’m pleased to part of a second CAMP-FR remote residency. This time we are led by Jlin to explore and encourage vulnerability in creativity.

Here’s the course description from the CAMP-FR website, describing the course in Jlin’s words:

My 5-week course will be based around you the artist evolving your sound, and learning to trust yourself. I want each artist to feel comfortable knowing that they have a different journey. Your craft is not a game of speed, but a marathon that requires discipline, consistency, tenacity, and most importantly vulnerability.

Sessions will follow five subject areas:

– How do I find my sound?
– Intuition vs. mechanics
– How do I know if I’m in tune with myself?
– Why am I afraid to trust my sound?
– Trusting your process vs. trusting the trend


More info:

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