Brenda and the listener

Brenda and the listener (2018)
Sound installation. 3 microphones, 2 speakers, mannequin head, fabric, EL tape, wood, electronics.
SONA (Amy Beeston, Lucy Cheesman and Deborah Egan)

In 2018, SONA (Amy Beeston, Lucy Cheesman and Deborah Egan) created Brenda and the listener, an interactive sound installation that generates a new soundscape in response to live input sound.

The installation accompanied a series of live events in Sheffield in 2018/19 showcasing women in electronic music as explained in this Sound and Music podcast episode.

The installation welcomes performers and audience into an environment designed to explore sound in space, and serves as an aural record of the project by inviting musicians and audience members alike to contribute to the soundscape heard.

You can find out more about the process of making this work by visiting the SONA website or by watching our short documentation video:


SONA: Unpeeled is generously supported by the Sound and Music Composer-Curator programme, PRS Foundation and Arts Council England.

Amy Beeston