Triggering daily

Triggering Daily (2005)

Triggering daily (2005). 
Performance project by C. Kapp, A. Beeston, B. Colic, A. Jant, and K. Grummich.
at Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen, Germany, 29 Apr 2005.
Kooky: spin doctoring, politics, media.

After dark. Four women stand as if models in a lit store front, each holding a microphone and wearing headphones through which they hear sound – slightly delayed and reprocessed – from one of six microphones present. Each of the women imitates what they hear to the best of their ability, and re-transmits it back to their microphone. Back in the system, this sound is then picked up by someone else, copied again, and so on…

This project began life, as many do, over a nice cup of tea and a chat about life, music and everything, when Claudia Kapp and I decided to work together on a piece to play with the audience’s role and expectations. We knew immediately that the beginning of the work would come from nothing, to appear uncertain as sound slowly grows out of the noises of people shuffling, coughing, and quietly chatting to one another.

One microphone hangs above the audience. Another hangs on the street outside (visible through the glass ‘shop’ front) picking up the noise of passers-by, late-comers and evening activity as trams go by. A gathering outside – kids shouting at their parents to let come in – becomes the temporary aural focus. The family enters – the audience cheers and, mixed with this, the laughter of comprehension reverberates warmly through the human delay system…

  • C. Kapp, A. Beeston, B. Colic, A. Jant, and K. Grummich, “Triggering Daily,” in Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor (Kooky: spin doctoring, politics, media), Bremen, Germany. Performance project. 29 Apr, 2005.
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Documentation by Lola Castro

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