The art of the audio essay

Steve Goodman (Kode9)
The art of the audio essay
Workshop with Steve Goodman (Kode9)
21 June – 16 July 2021

I’m really pleased to attend this CAMP-FR workshop with Steve Goodman (Kode9).

Here’s the course description from their website:

In the midst of a podcast explosion, this course involves a timely exploration of the liminal format of the audio essay, a form which, at its most interesting, can hold musical abstraction, argument, narrative and sonic world building in an unholy tension. Occupying a plane of legibility composed through the montage of a full spectrum of sound, audio essays exist in the delicate tension between attention and immersion.

The sessions will revolve around close, collective listening sessions which display the potential of the format at its most speculative, and experiment with aesthetic methods drawn from film essay, sonic fiction, tone poems, documentary fiction, electro-acoustic and radiophonic composition.


More info:

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