Pushing reaching falling replacing

A collaborative work inspired by archive plant ecology lectures and the flora and fauna on our doorstep.

Small pleasures

Contribution to DINA venue's Small pleasures project: Give us a gif!

Orkney Story Stack

Ruby Red Wine is a story recorded for the 'Orkney Story Stack' project.

WIMP 2018 video

I’ve just received a link to a recording of the talk I gave in September at WIMP 2018, the Workshop on Intelligent Music

Brenda and the listener

An interactive sound installation that generates a new soundscape in response to live input sound.

SONA: Unpeeled project

SONA: Unpeeled consisted of an interactive sound installation and a series of live events in Sheffield showcasing women in ele

Scholarship at The New Centre for Research & Practice

New Centre scholarship to join Lawrence Abu Hamdan's seminar series.

Audio Engineering Society talk

I’ve just received a link to the video of my AES in York – many thanks to Mariana Lopez and Cleo Pike for inviting and

Hearing aids for music conference

Next week we are hosting our international conference on Hearing Aids For Music in Leeds. Our project site contains a blogpost

Improvised Photographs Exhibition

Pinhole camera simulation for exhibition of 'Improvised Photographs' by Mark Summers.

Catalyst – Video overview

We now have a few videos from our Catalyst: Festival of Creativity project – massive thanks to Angela Guyton! Here’s

Catalyst Festival workshop

I am leading a workshop on Machine Listening in the Catalyst: Festival of Creativity series.

Amy Beeston