University of Sheffield

Paper published in Cochlear Implants International

It can sometimes be tricky to tie up all the last parts of a project when the six working members rush off in different direct

UK Psychoacoustics meeting

I travelled to Bristol earlier this week for an EPSRC/MRC meeting on Changing perceptions: Hearing, Psychoacoustics and ICT,

Perception of isolated chords

It’s felt very restoring to immerse myself fully in music psychology topics this summer. I’m pleased that our pap

Guest lecturer

Guest lectures and other one-off contributions toward the education of university students.

Machine listening in artistic contexts

Much research effort is spent worldwide on speech, education and medical applications of machine listening. On a personal leve

Survey: Room awareness and sound adaptation

Here is the link to my new survey which investigates approaches to room adaptation in live music and sound art: http://tinyurl

Science while you sleep

Researchers' Night opens our doors to the public so you can find out about research at the University of Sheffield.

Survey: Sound awareness and listening habits

A survey of sound awareness and listening habits.

Workshop leader

I have developed and/or led workshops in both community-learning and formal education contexts.

Knowledge Transfer

Activities relating to the transfer of knowledge from universities to industry.

Engagement, participation and outreach activities

Public engagement, widening participation and outreach activities undertaken while working at The University of Sheffield.

Academic mentor

Supporting PhD students through their thesis submissions at The University of Sheffield.

Amy Beeston