sonic interaction


A new interactive work that starts its life during the Stone Fringe Sound exhibition at Northlight Gallery.

Stone Fringe Sound

A solo exhibition of sound art inspired by the shoreline around Stromness.

Sound and Music podcast

A podcast from Sound and Music exploring our Composer-Curator project events in the SONA Unpeeled series.

WIMP 2018 video

I’ve just received a link to a recording of the talk I gave in September at WIMP 2018, the Workshop on Intelligent Music

University of York talk

I’ll be back in York again next month! This time I’m presenting a research seminar in the Department of Music, tal

Brenda and the listener

An interactive sound installation that generates a new soundscape in response to live input sound.

SONA: Unpeeled project

SONA: Unpeeled consisted of an interactive sound installation and a series of live events in Sheffield showcasing women in ele

Workshop on Intelligent Music Production

I’ve been invited to talk at this year’s Workshop on Intelligent Music Production, taking place in Huddersfield on

Research statement

The intersection between human listening and machine listening is the focus of my research.

Unmaking Acoustics

An audio-driven installation as part of the AlgoMech festival exhibition of kinetic and algorithmic art.

Field studies 2017: Listening after Pauline Oliveros

I’ve been invited to reflect on machine listening in the Field Studies 2017: Listening After Pauline Oliveros¬†event whi

Machine listening in artistic contexts

Much research effort is spent worldwide on speech, education and medical applications of machine listening. On a personal leve

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