New Voices Seed Award

I'm excited to be one of Sound And Music’s Seed Award winners for 2020!

Marine acoustics training

Advanced course in Marine Acoustics and Signal Processing (delivered virtually by Seiche).

Practice development award

Visual Artist and Craft Makers Awards (VACMA) for a series of online mentoring sessions.

Arts Council England award

I’m pleased to be able to report that our collective, SONA, has been awarded an Arts Council England grant for our upcom

Shortlist for Health Humanities Medal 2018

Well done to Alinka and Harriet! Our Hearing aids for Music project has propelled them into the “Inspiration Award”

Scholarship at The New Centre for Research & Practice

New Centre scholarship to join Lawrence Abu Hamdan's seminar series.

Composer-Curator award from Sound and Music

With massive appreciation for my collaborators Lucy Cheesman and Deborah Egan, I’m very excited to announce that our cre

Thank you iZotope!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to iZotope for funding my membership of the Audio Engineering Society this year. ItR

Honourable mention, Surveillance Studies Network Arts Fund Prize

'Come and Go' (Rose Butler) receives Honourable mention, Surveillance Studies Network Arts Fund Prize.

Machine listening in artistic contexts

Much research effort is spent worldwide on speech, education and medical applications of machine listening. On a personal leve

Catalyst: Festival of Creativity

Please visit for full details of this project, including workshop info and video documentation. Our project ev

Academic mentor

Supporting PhD students through their thesis submissions at The University of Sheffield.

Amy Beeston