Tape interruption (2004), for Andriessen’s Sweet (1964).
Fixed media (2 channels).
Duration: 4:00

My ‘tape interruption’ for Louis Andriessen’s Sweet was commissioned by Amy Power for lunchtime and evening performances on 8 April 2004 in Amsterdam. Amy’s programme notes state –

This piece, written in 1964 by the 25 year-old Andriessen, mocks the ‘sweet’ sound a recorder produces, it mocks the traditional baroque suite, and through its atonality it mocks traditional harmonic and melodic patterns. And perhaps it mocks even that which musicians often fall victim to taking too seriously: themselves.

Exerpt from score of Andriessen's Sweet. Interruption.
Exerpt from page four of the notated score of Andriessen’s Sweet.

For the realisation of this piece, the following directions are provided in the score:

The interruption on page four can be made by any sound of the performer’s choice, whether electronically (tape – record), or another instrumentalist, or by any other acoustical source, provided that any of these sounds are not effectuated by the performer himself. The sound has to be continuous and without development in timbre, dynamics etc., starting at the last arpeggio and ending at the moment the performer continues.

In public performances the interruption can also be done with visual means, with or without sound.

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Blokfluit Blok poster (Andriessen Sweet)
Amy Beeston