Survey: Room awareness and sound adaptation

Here is the link to my new survey which investigates approaches to room adaptation in live music and sound art:

All who deal with sound are welcome to take part, whether you are involved in this work professionally or otherwise: musicians, sound artists, composers, performers, improvisers, producers, sound engineers, sound designers, recording engineers…

You can chose to complete this survey anonymously if you wish, and you will not be identifiable in any of the subsequent uses of the data.

Alternatively, if you if you find the survey interesting and would be willing to talk about room awareness and sound adaptation in more depth, you may opt into being contacted for a follow-up interview (via Skype or similar) by entering your name and email address at the foot of the survey. Your responses will be stored confidentially until we speak, and then you can decide whether your responses should be anonymised or whether you would prefer an open citation of your work.

Please feel free to share the survey link with any friends, family, colleagues etc. that you think would be interested. Read more…

Flyer for room awareness survey.

Amy Beeston