Stone Fringe Sound

Stone Fringe Sound Exhibition postcard

Where: Northlight Gallery, Graham Place, Stromness, Orkney
Opening times: 12-5 pm daily, 1–10 September 2019
Preview: 2-4 pm, 31 August 2019

Stone Fringe Sound is a solo exhibition of sound art inspired by the piers and nousts along the shoreline of Stromness.

The sounds of this exhibition speak of adapting to living by the sea after years of hectic inter-city commuting, of taking the time to experience nature, and of letting the mind and body slowly unwind. The works invite you to listen, and to listen again, to the sounds of the environment, of the wildlife and of other human activity taking place all around us.

Stone Fringe Sound explores both human hearing and machine listening. The exhibition includes a new interactive work that uses sound analysis – via a microphone and computer – to ‘listen’ to the gallery visitors in the space. Alongside this work, the exhibition contains recordings of specific moments of listening along the shoreline. Accompanied by visual and verbal prompts, these works encourage you to go out and listen for yourself to specific sounds in the neighbourhood, to sounds that you might hear every day or to sounds that you might not have noticed until now.

Works in the show:

  • Hello Orkney
    Mixed media triptych (2019).
    3.9 m X 1.35 m X 0.6 m. Signal flags, codebook, dowels, fishing wire, marine rope and hooks.
  • Dispersal
    Sound installation (2019).
    3.6 m x 3.6 m x 2.2 m. Inkjet prints, cardinal buoy loudspeaker set, safe water microphone housing, hazard tapes, codebook, interface and laptop for sound analysis and generation.
  • Reveil
    Sound installation (2019).
    1 m x 1.8 m x 0.2 m. Encapsulated panoramic photograph, digital audio player and headphones.
  • Stromnophony
    Sound installation (2019).
    1.2 m X 1.8 m X 0.2 m. Mounted cyanotype printed panels, illuminated buttons, digital audio player and headphones.
  • Stone Fringe Postcards
    Schematic map and 8 audio postcards (2019).
    Double-sided cards each with scanned cyanotype print, physical location, listening prompt and 2-channel audio recording.
  • Listen
    Screenprint (2014).
    0.4 m x 0.3 m (unframed).

Exhibition events:

Amy Beeston