Straum (2020)
Fixed media soundscape (in 2-channels).
Duration: 9:14
by SONA (Amy Beeston, Lucy Cheesman and Deborah Egan)

Synopsis: A soundscape in three movements (i. Elemental, ii. Transition, iii. Future), created within our LANDMASS project during residencies in Orkney (May 2019) and in Sheffield (March 2020).

Biography: Amy Beeston, Lucy Cheesman and Deborah Egan make collaborative work as SONA. They began working together in 2016 building a network of female and nonbinary sound creators in Sheffield and ran multiple workshops and concerts with that community. SONA’s work in the last year has focussed on the sense of place and uses collaborative creation based around ‘on the spot’ collection of located soundscapes.


Straum was created during SONA’s 2019/20 LANDMASS project which was supported by YSWN Amplify, Arts Council England, DINA and Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield.

Amy Beeston