Sine nomine

Sine nomine (2005).
Improvisation by the SONO ENSEMBLE.
Duration: 20:00

This work gathers six electronic musicians (from Poland, Mexico, Japan, Israel, Latvia and Scotland) on one stage for a twenty-minute live improvisation piece in nine channels of sound. Having worked intensively together with Richard Barrett for a week prior to the performance, each player knows some of what the others can do (specific ‘duet’ and ‘chamber’ rehearsals ensure that this is so). Yet, there is no written score to follow – the musical structure is elaborated live, between the six, for all to hear…

Centre stage we find a percussionist with vibrophone, bass drum and a selection of beaters and bows. Two other people play items that, although self-made, would be recognised as instruments through the shared vocabulary of gesture in a musician’s body language: one somewhat like a cross between a saxophone and trombone, the other a games-controller. The other three sit behind laptops with faders, pressure pads, etc., each using their own software created specifically for the manipulation of live sound to play their sonic part.

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Vysotsky (Wikimedia) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
Amy Beeston