Saltwater incursion

Saltwater incursion (2020)

Saltwater incursion (2020)
30 cm x 115 cm. Cyanotype prints mounted on wood (edition of 3). Soundscape on digital audio player and headphones.

This work describes the risk of coastal flooding to my local area. Low-lying land – including the main street of our town – is predicted to be lost to the sea within the lifetimes of our children. In this work, I confront this stark reality.

I show the extent of predicted loss visually in the central blank area of the image, with higher land remaining to the left and the sea encroaching on our houses and piers from the right.

I use the current shoreline and flood prediction data to merge audio recordings of our current transport modes: the high-pitched whine of an electric car engine following the threatened land-route through the town, and the bass throb of the passenger ferry that is audible for miles around as it connects us with mainland Scotland to the south.


Amy Beeston