Raise your game

Raise Your Game
Creative Edinburgh
29 April – 24 June 2021

Raise Your Game is a professional development programme from Creative Edinburgh, providing the space, confidence and skills required for creative freelancers to work toward the next stage of their career.

With a focus on digital tools, data and future-proof working models, Raise Your Game presents eight sessions which are delivered by a range of creatives from across Edinburgh.

Sessions include:

  1. Business planning & modelling with Caroline Parkinson
  2. Growing your online presence with Blether Digital
  3. Understanding your data with Effini
  4. Money management with Iona Bain
  5. Legal management with Anderson Strathern
  6. Project management with Jessica Armstrong
  7. Open sourcing with Morvern Odling
  8. Design thinking with Alex Durussel-Baker

Sessions 1-3 are for taking stock and aim to explore how data and digital tools can help understand where your business is currently at, and where you want to go with it. Sessions 4-6 are titled making moves and aim to provide the knowledge needed to help you work efficiently, so your energy can focus on the creative process, rather than the business admin. Sessions 7-8 are for thinking forward – for future gazing, emerging technologies and blue sky thinking which can inform where you want to be.

More info: https://members.creative-edinburgh.com/event-4230243

Amy Beeston