Pushing reaching falling replacing

Pushing reaching falling replacing (2021)
Fixed media.
Duration: 17:12

Pushing reaching falling replacing was inspired by archive plant ecology lectures and the flora and fauna on our doorstep. It was produced during Jenny Sturgeon’s artist in residence at National Library of Scotland during winter 2020-21. During the residency, Jenny ran creative music and writing workshops with 30 participants from across Scotland. This piece is what resulted from that collaboration. The accompanying piece As far north as anything grows is also available on youtube.


Musical Director Jenny Sturgeon
Produced by Jenny Sturgeon and Tim Matthew
Mastered by Dean Honer

  • Featuring the music, words and field recordings of: Amy Beeston, Carol Beckwith, Will Boyd-Wallis, Daniel Clark, Amy Gear, J Kirkpatrick, Eilidh Macintyre, David Macfarlane, Lynsey Martin Kimmit, Emma Neck, Aileen Ogilvie, Les Sinclair, Freya Stout, Jenny Sturgeon, Chloe Tallack.
  • With additional bird recordings from Magnus Robb and The Sound Approach.
  • Featuring the lectures of Professor James Holms Dickson
  • Recorded at home winter 2020/21, with additional recording by Tim Matthew at Mareel recording studio, Shetland.

Pushing Reaching Falling Replacing is free to download on bandcamp, however if you’d like to pay for the track all profits will go to Highland rewilding charity Trees For Life.

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