Marine acoustics training

Seiche array maps North Sea soundscape during lockdown
Seiche array maps North Sea soundscape during lockdown.
Image: AutonNaut ‘Adhemar’
courtesy and copyright of VLIZ (re-used with permission).

I’ve just completed Seiche’s advanced training course in Marine Acoustics and Signal Processing (an unanticipated benefit of everything moving online during these locked-down months).

It was brilliant to spend a week concentrating on sound in water – revising my original training in acoustics, and expanding my understanding beyond my recent realms of sound in air, in computers and our brains…

The course covered:

  • Acoustics in the ocean environment
  • Underwater noise sources and receivers
  • Underwater acoustic modelling
  • The sonar equation and dBs in ocean acoustics
  • Signal processing, features, metrics and statistics
  • Environmental impact assessment, especially of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals

Further information is available on Seiche’s website at


I would like to thank the UK Acoustics Network for generously funding my place on this course.

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Amy Beeston