Liminaria: Metarurality

I will be presenting a short talk in the Liminaria MMXX panel series on 23 January 2021.

Events are broadcast live – please visit their website and/or facebook channel for further details:

The concept of Metarurality underlies the 2021 edition of Liminaria, and marks the re-start of Leandro Pisano’s Liminaria activities, two years after closing the Manifesta12 Biennale collateral event programme in Palermo, Italy.

I am taking part in a microseries on the political ecology of sound entitled The Audible Ecopaths: Listening To The Rural And Remote. Speakers in this series include: AGF, Amy Beeston, Evelyn and John Grzinich, Brian Mackern, Sally-Ann McIntyre, Alejandra Perez Nunez, and others yet to be announced.

Amy Beeston