(im)mediate landscape

(im)mediate landscape (2001).
Sound installation. Camera, 2-channel audio, blue objects.

This installation is based on the premise that space is quiet until you give it a chance to speak. Not only is activity required on the part of the visitor, but so is stillness too.

Blue objects are watched by an overhead camera – their movement and stillness in the space allows the visitor to select sound material. Pre-recorded spoken phrases are remixed live to create specific voice layers that vary depending on the present and recent past positioning of the visitor in the gallery.

Some voices speak sense and some speak nonsense. Some voices are loud, clear, declamatory, repetitive and insistent. Others are muffled, almost inaudible until the correct movement unlocks their secrets and allows their meanings to be heard.

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Dialogues Flyer 2001
Dialogues Flyer 2001
Amy Beeston