Ecce space

  • Concept/Direction: Maria Ines Villasmil
  • Choreography/Dance: Maria Ines Villasmil in collaboration with Irena Mikec
  • Collaborators: Katinka Marac, Ivo Bol, Amy Beeston, Rui Dias
  • Technical Advise/Creative Input: Kirk Woolford, Alex Shaub
  • Mentor: Jeroen Fabius
  • Many thanks to: Peter Pabon, Zlatko Baracskai, Carlos Guedes, Daniel Schorno, Beeldmedia

Presentation of a preliminary study. An experiment in creating an intelligent room/stage, able to receive verbal and visual input, process this information and act accordingly, taking human-like qualities…sensing?

My role: Developing custom-built voice recognition software, specifically a “sh” detector that allows the dancers to call silence and blackout the lights on stage. After testing several implementations that pattern-matched spectral component distributions over time, I eventually settled on using the autocorrelation function to judge the ‘quality’ of the sound between noise-like or tone-like, thus determining some measure of its periodicity or repetitiousness. Data is extrapolated from this function, local detail is smoothed (slowed down) within the variation of values, and a decision is taken at each moment to determine whether or not the detector will report that a ‘short’ and/or ‘long’ “sh” sound is being voiced at the microphone. The descriptions of ‘short’ and ‘long’ can of course be redefined to suit the sonic purposes at hand..

  • M. I. Villasmil, K. Marac, I. Bol, I. Micek, R. Dias, A. Beeston, K. Woolford, S. Doruff, and A. Shaub, “Ecce Space,” in Academie voor Theater en Dans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Voice analysis for interactive dance space. 13-14 May, 2004.
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