Amy Beeston, recording in the hills of Hoy
Image by Pier 44/Mark Summers

Amy Beeston (b. Edinburgh, 1977) is a sound artist and audio researcher whose work encourages others to listen more deeply to their everyday environments. Her practice is highly interdisciplinary and often collaborative, allowing her to repurpose scientific studies in human hearing and machine listening to create ecologically-minded sound installations and participative listening experiences. Amy creates both small, quiet wall-hung works with fixed-media soundtracks and room-sized, ever-evolving soundscapes that alter their sonic state in response to characteristics of visitors’ own sounds. Since moving to Orkney in 2018 her work is increasingly influenced by principles of acoustic ecology and ecological sustainability. She is a member of the Móti artists collective in Orkney, and is also a co-founder of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network and Sheffield-based artist collective SONA.

Amy Beeston