The AudioMoth is a small audio recorder that can be deployed for long periods of time and makes intermittent audio recordings in a fixed location. It is particularly useful in soundscape projects, e.g. in monitoring biodiversity or environmental conditions at a particular place and time.

This page logs more information about my use of the devices, and may be of particular interest to you if you live locally and have stumbled across one of my AudioMoth boxes while out and about…

If you’ve any questions, please get in touch – I’d be happy to discuss details!

AudioMoth deployments

AudioMoth soundscape recording for silent cities project.

Silent·Cities – AudioMoth deployed 6 April 2020.

Silent·Cities is a collaborative project that aims to build a dataset that documents the rare soundscapes induced by the COVID-19 containment measures put in force across the globe.

More details:

Amy Beeston