… as a process of line-making

Three audio fragments for … as a process of line-making, a collaborative project by scoremaker Daniel Alexander Hignell-Tully (aka Distant Animals).

My first fragment is for page 62 of the score, titled “Instructions for an exhibition.” Over a series of seven short walks during the last of our astronomical twilight for the year, and seven exhibitions held in the remaining nautical twilight, this short fixed-media work emerged. Footsteps travel each night from the marina at Broad Noust to nearby Flaws’ pier in Stromness, Orkney. Songlines are borrowed as suggested by those who have sung them to the seals in the harbour. With the de/synchronisation of the walking pace we hear different ground conditions underfoot and the weather turning rough. We don’t hear the daytimes at all: the Yole Association giving up the lease of the sailhouse, and the pier itself being repaired and repointed as if just in time for the show…

<< two more contributions coming in June/July, please check back later for updates >>

Amy Beeston