64s (2005).
Audio-visual installation. Visual projection, 2-channel audio.
Artists: Georgio Bachtsevanidis and Amy Beeston.

This work is based on patterns of opposites and concurrent dualities that are presented in the I Ching (Yijing), the Chinese Book of Changes, a philosophy that has heavily influenced Eastern thought for many thousands of years and that has now gained a foothold in the West too.

Programmed in MaxMSP, the computer is used to project a band of eight hexagrams at head height across the wall of a room. Each individual hexagram is composed of six stacked lines that flicker between ‘whole’ and ‘broken’ as patterns of change evolve across the whole group of eight.

The visual realm of the work avoids all colour and sticks to black and white. The sound for the installation similarly avoids all recognisable pitch and rhythm. It consists solely of two sonic extremes: a very high frequency noise (samples processed from recordings of velcro being ripped) and a very low-frequency hum (the feeling one sometimes gets next to the wall of a very large building).

  • G. Bachtsevanidis and A. Beeston, “64s,” in Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Audio-visual installation. 24-26 Jan and 11-14 Apr, 2005.
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Amy Beeston