Machine listening in artistic contexts

Much research effort is spent worldwide on speech, education and medical applications of machine listening. On a personal leve

Survey: Room awareness and sound adaptation

Here is the link to my new survey which investigates approaches to room adaptation in live music and sound art: http://tinyurl


We now have a 1-page evaluation of our ‘Catalyst: Festival of Creativity’ project available to read. This paper do

Science while you sleep

Researchers' Night opens our doors to the public so you can find out about research at the University of Sheffield.

Survey: Sound awareness and listening habits

A survey of sound awareness and listening habits.

Collaborations workshop: PeerJ Preprint

Our paper from the Software Sustainability Institute’s ‘Collaborations Workshop’ is now out at PeerJ Preprin

Publishing: who am I?

If you're interested in finding my published works, you can find me by these routes...

Acoustic detection of snoring

This project is funded by means of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant from Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy B

Sound in mind

Co-founder of Sound in Mind multidisciplinary collective.

Simultaneous talk for cochlear implant users

Engaging adult cochlear implant users to develop training materials for handling overlapping talk in conversation.

Expressive timing in music

This project is funded by a Sheffield University ‘wider participation’ grant which supports the development of an

Speech technology for language learning

In collaboration with our industrial partners, we develop computer-assisted pronunciation training tools for Dutch learners of