Reveil 2019

Live-streaming sounds from the land, sky and sea at Flaws Pier in Stromness, Orkney.

Ecological acoustics for pollinator soundscapes

This project is funded by Ensemble, a cross-disciplinary research programme with the goal of carrying out world leading resea

SONA: Unpeeled

SONA: Unpeeled consisted of a series of live events in Sheffield showcasing women in electronic music. Each event contained a

Improvised Photographs Exhibition

I was commissioned to simulate a pinhole camera exposure for two screen-based works in Mark Summers’ Improvised Photogr

Hearing aids for music

This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Research from the field of music psychology – a sub-disc

Machine listening in artistic contexts

Much research effort is spent worldwide on speech, education and medical applications of machine listening. On a personal leve

Catalyst: Festival of Creativity

Please visit for full details of this project, including workshop info and video documentation. Our project ev

Come and Go

I was pleased to work on the audio design and mix for the dual-screen installation Come and Go by Rose Butler. Exhibitions/etc

Acoustic detection of snoring

This project is funded by means of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant from Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy B

Sound in mind

Sound in Mind was formed in 2014 as a multidisciplinary collective exploring, researching and promoting education, health and

Simultaneous talk for cochlear implant users

This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council under its Follow on Fund for Impact and Engagement scheme w

Expressive timing in music

This project is funded by a Sheffield University ‘wider participation’ grant which supports the development of an